Audio Cassette

Copy and printing service. Cassettes, Labels, Onbody, Library cases, Wraps and Inserts.

Audio Cassette copying. 

Bands and Musicians are choosing to release new music on cassette to give fans extra choice and service the demand for retro music formats. We give you full service Cassette manufacturing, with high speed professional loop bin duplication and 'panckake' tape wound into C-Zeros. This gives you the best audio quality and your cassettes are wound to the perfect lengh.  No tape to tape here.

As well as providing character and feel sometimes missing from digital formats, the lack of compression actually gives a truer sound reproduction of your music.

Some of our work:

Cassette duplication.

Loop bin duplication gives you the very best sound quality. Pancake tape is wound in to blank C-Zeros ensuring the perfect tape lengh. We currently offer C60 Ferric tape. 


Choose from a range of C-Zero cassettes. Options include Clear, White and a range of colours which include 'i-mac' style Blue and Green transparent cases. 

on-body print or labels.

Label your cassettes with either full colour digital printing, traditional pad printing or a classic paper label. 

cassette Library Cases.

The 'classic' cassette packaging choice, choose a clear library case with a colour printed paper insert. 

Cassette Splip Cases.

A colour printed card case slip case is a neat choice for your title, giving good visual impact and using less plastic. 


We can help set up your artwork, or proof from print ready artwork you supply.   Contact us for details.